Tuesday, October 16, 2012

"I know that we're very close to an election," Clinton told CNN. "I want to just take a step back here and say from my own experience, we are at our best as Americans when we pull together. I've done that with Democratic presidents and Republican presidents."

You see, here's the difference between real, serious leadership and pretend leadership right here: The Obama Administration, including the State Department has trying to manage the situation in Libya, and the GOP leadership is trying to politically exploit the situation in Libya.

You see, beating Obama is the top priority for them, so instead of letting the investigations continue, or coming up with real solutions to deal with consulate security, they pounce on every perceived political advantage. It's beyond shameful, and there weren't a hundred other reasons not to trust them with power, this would be reason enough.

BTW, I'm not suggesting that mistakes weren't made, and people shouldn't be held accountable, but it's clear to me that the primary motivation of the Republicans here is to shift all blame to the President, as to help Mitt Romney. Like I said, shameful.

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