Thursday, June 19, 2008

"It's not an easy decision, and especially because I support a robust system of public financing of elections"

Obama flips on his pledge on public financing for the general election.

But listing the Iraq war, healthcare, education and the economy as defining issues for November's election, Obama said: "This is our moment and our country is depending on us.

"So join me, and declare your independence from this broken system and let's build the first general election campaign that's truly funded by the American people."

With all due respect sir, you flipped on this. There's no getting around it. You flipped. I don't want to make any broad conclusions based on this, but these sorts of things may give some the impression that you have a problem keeping your word:

"Today, Barack Obama has revealed himself to be just another typical politician who will do and say whatever is most expedient for Barack Obama," McCain's communications director Jill Hazelbaker said.

"The true test of a candidate for president is whether he will stand on principle and keep his word to the American people," she said.

"Barack Obama has failed that test today, and his reversal of his promise to participate in the public finance system undermines his call for a new type of politics."

Like I said, I'm not prepared to condemn Obama as a phony, but when you set out to be a new kind of politician, these sorts of things don't help that image, and do more damage than they would otherwise. That's all I'm saying.

Friday, June 13, 2008

Tim Russert, 1950-2008

The nation has lost a true legend today, as Tim Russert has died. He collapsed at his desk, and had a heart attack. He was only 58. Good Lord, this is sad news. Tim Russert was an icon of journalism. Straight-up, honest, decent journalism. I have vivid memories of Sunday mornings, watching Tim Russert do his thing. He was an icon. Tough but fair, never tearing people down, and called it right down the middle. I'll never forget his Election 2000 coverage, with his dry-erase board.

It's a sad day for the nation. RIP, Tim Russert. There's a special spot in Heaven for men like yourself.

The tributes on TV were great as well. Really inspiring.

Wednesday, June 04, 2008

Obama Clinches The Nomination...

It's pretty much official that Barack Obama is the Democratic nominee. Hillary has not conceded yet, and there's still talk of her being VP. More to come later, including two essays I'm working on, on the hawkish case for Obama, and the liberal case for McCain. More soon...