Saturday, March 31, 2007

The April Fool's Eve-Wrestlemania Eve Blog Post

Not much to discuss. Tomorrow is April Fool's, as well as Palm Sunday (hmmm..), not to mention the day before Wrestlemania. Just posting random thoughts:

Apparently, there is a well-oiled revolution underway to thoroughly undermine American Idol, by the likes of Howard Stern, and Andrew Sullivan. It all revolves around the controversial frontrunner Sanjaya Malakar. I have a hard time continuing to pretend that I care about this show, but Ann Althouse is kinda pissed, and makes a serious appeal for Sanjaya's survival.

Oh, and in related stuff involving Ms. Althouse, there is still a bit of a firestorm over something of a spat she had with Garance Franke-Ruta, in a Bloggingheads diavlog. It had something to do with comments she made about a woman named Jessica Valenti, and breasts. I still haven't figured all this out yet, but many have their opinions, like Ezra Klein, who doesn't much care for Ann Althouse at all. Of course, one really should hear Ann's side as well to get a balanced picture. I must say though, that I watched the diavlog, and based on the context I've been able to gather, I think Ann was being entirely unfair to Garance. A lot of other interesting topics were discussed though, such as the general ugliness of some on the blogosphere. It's darn exciting, no matter what your persepective.

In other news, I feel the need to reiterate how awesome the movie 300 is. A consumate masterpiece. I plan on writing a lengthy piece on why this movie is so good, but I'll just reflect a bit on the unjustified heat this movie is getting from the Iranian government, and some short-sighted lefties. As for Iran, their silly and baseless beef seems to be that the movie is trying to provoke a war with Iran. This movie doesn't promote war with Persia per se, but it does include a lesson in the importance of free people having the courage to stand against those who would subjugate and destroy them. Not to mention it's just a damn-good epic about heroism and valor.

Besides, if the leadership in Iran is really worried about provoking a war, perhaps they shouldn't continually defy UN sanctions, or capture British sailors? Just sayin'.

Damn, this post was longer than I thought. Oh, well. Again, Palm Sunday tomorrow, and Wrestlemania.

Oh, and Georgetown just lost. The crunching sound you just heard was a million tourney brackets exploding into flames.

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m. j. graham said...

I am not an American Idol fan. My musical genre is Jazz, whether its instrumental, contemporary, smooth, and some vocal. However, I do find the audition reject coverage entertaining.

The two females on the divalog video need to close out their disagreement on the Jerry Springer Show.

From the trailers I've seen and the reviews I've read, the Movie "300" seems that it is going to be a good movie. I am not a movie goer, so I'll have to wait for it when its on dvd. The Iranian's dissent about the movie was probably exaggerated. How can they criticize on a movie that they haven't seen? And, I agree that they should adhere to UN sanctions, and release the hostages.

To bad for Georgetown, I was cheering for them.