Friday, January 05, 2007

Damn, It's Only Been One Day!

Look, I get that a lot of people are really anxious to see real change happen with the new Congress, but the Dems have only been in power for a day. These things don't happen overnight.

Oh, and the reason the Dems aren't pulling the troops out, or cutting the funding: Responsibility.

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Not Your Mama said...

Count me as one Dem who isn't upset with them.

They are walking a fine line and they know it. Pelosi more than anyone. The US didn't just become Liberal Nation and overstepping would be the end of any chance for them to accomplish anything.

Realistically, they couldn't force Bush to pull the troops out wether they want to or not. Cutting funding would be cutting their own throats.

'Fraid he's going to do what he wants to do regardless...look at his new appointees. Going to get worse, he's hoping to shift some of the blame to the new congress. I'm not buying that horse.