Friday, October 27, 2006

You Know, On Second Thought...

As far as the much discussed, uber-controversial ad run by the RNC against Harold Ford Jr., I have to say that while the ad is totally ridiculous, misleading, and stupid, it probably isn't racist, or at least, wasn't intended to be. To be honest, I find myself having to strain to see racism in the ad, and while it's very possible (and likely) that racist whites in Tennesee will bow to their racist instincts, the fact that they're racists (and thus have a big problem with Ford dating white women) means that they're not backing Ford anyway. I think Mary Katherine Ham's point was valid, about how these things can get out hand rather quickly. Many have suggested that the hunter in camo was wearing blackface. I have to say, that's a hell of a stretch.

At the end of the day, this isn't Macacas. This isn't Trent Lott romanticizing the golden days of Jim Crow. This is a stupid (and totally false) ad, but probably not racist.

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Not Your Mama said...

The ad is certainly stupid and in fact has likely cost them more votes than won any, as you said: it will appeal to folks who were voting republican anyway.

The GOP has never done a better job of campaigning for the Democratic party than these last few years. Bless their hearts.

What's more disturbing to me is the race in Virginia. Voters there have to attempt to determine which candidate is least toad-like???

Sometimes we really should eat our young.

Anonymous said...

The guy in the Cameo WAS wearing black face. The whole thing made no sense at all.