Thursday, September 17, 2009

If You Check The Blogroll

A new site has been added that in a million years I never thought I add, but I have to say again, that it's almost like it's a whole new world over there.


The Iconic Midwesterner said...


I would never blog roll LGF back in the day because of the vile hatefulness of the comment section, which I believed reflected upon the character of Johnson. (See here and here, from my take back in 2005 on LGF.)

I dont care what direction their politics take, they still have the same propensity to utter vileness that made them so despicable. (I've never been able to adopt the "He's an SOB but he's OUR SOB" cold war mentality on this type of stuff.)

Rafique Tucker said...

This could be premature, but I see real progress over there, Rich. Now, I admit I've not gone there lateky, and I it's entirely possible that I've pronounced them sane much too early (it's happened before), but we'll see.