Wednesday, April 30, 2008

Speaking of Nazi Imagery...

Here is this story about one aspiring Congressman named Tony Zirkle, along with a few rules to remember when seeking political office:

  • Don't show up at a white supremacist commemoration of Hitler's birthday.

  • Don't give a speech about white women being taken into sexual slavery in Israel to a white supremacist commemoration of Hitler's birthday while standing under a large portrait of Adolf Hitler.

  • Don't talk about sexually transmitted diseases supposedly being encouraged by pornography (or, as Zirkle likes to call it, the "porn dragon") from Jewish bookstores as "genocide" against the white race to a bunch of white power rangers wearing T shirts with portraits of Hitler on the back at a white supremacist commemoration of Hitler's birthday.

Good tips. Read the whole thing. It gets worse.

HT: Sully, and Megan McArdle


Bill White said...

Tony Zirkle has actually gotten a huge boost in the polls and is expected to win the primary, mostly because National Socialism is popular among poor whites.

Sorry the real world smashes your Jew-televitz produced illusions. It has a habit of intruding like that.

Rafique Tucker said...

No, I don't think I'm going to dignify that with a response, you Nazi-loving prick.

Rafique Tucker said...

Just for the record, I maintain a consistent policy against racist garbage on my blog, but just this once, I'm leaving White's comment open in order to expose it to the light.

Roland Dodds said...

I say let it stay Rafique: these types of morons work against themselves.

And Bill: what polls give you the belief that he is gaining in the primary polls? That’s just my “Jew-televitz” mind working.

Rafique Tucker said...

Good point, Roland. Shining the light and all that.