Thursday, March 06, 2008

When You Slander The Military...

people take offense, and fight back. Over at Winds of Change, Marc "Armed Liberal" Danziger calls out idiot James Gibney at the Atlantic Monthly:

Please cancel my subscription.

My son - serving in the US Army - is not a part of a group that needs to justify that "most of them are not sociopaths".

Indeed. Our military is the bravest and noblest fighting force in the world, and that doesn't change because of a handful of mistakes by a few. The military shouldn't have to explain why they're not sociopaths--they ought to be given the benefit of the doubt by those who benefit from their scarifice, at home and abroad. Gibney, and the Atlantic should be embarassed, and can only except more blowback if this continues.

To be fair to the magazine as a whole, I emphasize the word 'if." There are some first-rate writers over there, and one writer shouldn't affect the reputation of the whole magazine, but if this attitude is in fact the prevailing attitude at the Atlantic, then I won't be reading the magazine anymore either.

I mean, the military is being attacked on all fronts, it seems.

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Midnight Marauder said...

"Our military is the bravest and noblest fighting force in the world, and that doesn't change because of a handful of mistakes by a few."

Since when did it become fashionable to worship at the alter of the military? Bravest and noblest in the world? I think that is a generalization that you can't give to every member of the military. That ignores the characters that participated in Abu Ghraib and the one's that are accused of raping the young woman. The military consists of normal people with normal issues as well as exceptional individuals. That should be taken into account instead of blind worship.

Rafique Tucker said...

It's not worship to give them credit and respect for what they do, and I'm not ignoring that mistakes were made, but I don't think the whole military should be blamed for the actions of some.

bogie wheel said...

I have two good friends, husband and wife, both retired Marines after 30 years' service each, she born in French Guyana and he in Compton, who are tremendous people. I once mentioned to them that I thought the US military was the greatest practical force for good in the world today.

Is the US military composed of individuals? Yup. Just like any organization. And, like any large organization, it has its percentage of yahoos and outright craptards. But, on the whole, considering the job they are asked to do, the skill with which they usu. do it, the sacrifices they make along the the way, and their commitment to their duty and each other despite the shameful disregard their accomplishments tend to receive back here in the States among the population at large, they are, in my opinion, a pretty spectacular bunch.

You're right, Rafique. It's not worship. It's called gratitude. Good for you.