Wednesday, January 09, 2008

From the Sanity File...

Juliette Ochieng, AKA Baldilocks, is no fan of Obama, but she nonetheless feels the need to rebuke her fellow conservatives, regarding their use of the Kenya crisis, to attack Obama:

Had any of you even heard of the Luo before Obama stepped into the picture? Had you heard of the Gikuyu/Kikuyu, the Luhya, the Kalenjin before a few weeks ago? What does GEMA stand for? When did Kenya get its independence? Who were its colonial masters? How many presidents has Kenya had? What are their names? Who were the Mau-Mau? What are the Mungiki? Don't look at Wikipedia. Do you know and of this information and if so, do you know how to interpret it? Do you know how all it fits into the conflict at hand in Kenya? Or have you discarded/disregarded it because it doesn't fit into the Narrative? Would you even give a f**k about hundreds of dead Kenyans if you couldn't find a way to spin it into a war between Islam and Christianity? If not, stop making yourselves and the Right look like ghouls / fools."


HT: Booker Rising

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