Wednesday, October 24, 2007

Sure, You've Heard of Chickenhawks,

but have you ever heard of chickendoves?

Double-reverse chickendoves, no less:

People who talk up war without going get slapped with chickenhawk slurs. Clearly Friedman’s no chickenhawk, at least not anymore. Chickenhawk slurs are slapped on people who support war and haven’t gone. ”Chickenhawk” gets tossed around by people who don’t feel the need to lift a finger in support of the peace they profess to love. Not a human shield among them.

Friedman presents us with something different. The double-reverse chickendove. War supporter turned surrender enthusiast makes ironic funny about how painful this war has been for him. The terrible barrage of headlines, slogging through all those long, bitter thumbsuckers. News is hell. But apparently, he hasn’t been reading it.


HT: Instapundit


Q.J. said...


IMO, being pro-war or anti-war is not really the issue. What is an issue is the process that led to war.

By principle, the US is a nation that subscribes to peace. Historically this has not been lived.

The antics of hawks and doves are not conducive to ending US military involvement in Afghanistan, Iraq, or any other foreign country the US military is stationed. The writers of the US Constitution did not intend for this country to be the world's policeman.

We have a political elite in this country that is bent on proving their dissertation on how to be the Roman empire. Whether by force, by money, or both.

At this present time, bashing the Bush Administration for Iraq and Afghanistan does not do anything to bring an end to hostilities. I happen to believe it was a mistake from the very beginning to invade Afghanistan and definitely Iraq.

Terrorism, IMO, cannot be won solely by military force with an occupying Army. The questions now are, do we cut and run? or stay? Or is there a third way? Talking heads should put their partisan biases on the shelf and come together and figure out a plan that can bring an honorable solution to end both conflicts. I, personally, favor an immediate, but orderly withdrawal.

Roland Dodds said...

I disagree completely with q.j.

The main reason I don’t grasp conservatives like Ron Paul or Christian conservative types, is that I don’t believe the Constitution was created by ordained religious figures. All of this “what would the founders do” or “what is meant by the constitution” is a bit beside the point in my eyes. The Founders were just men; they made a great document and a implemented a good form of government, but it was and isn’t perfect. To even bring up the “what would the Founders do” concerning Iraq or the War on Terror is completely irrelevant to me: they lived 200+ years ago and not in the now.

Q.J. said...


Correct me if I am wrong, according to your assessment the U.S. Constitution, now, is an irrelevent document that should be discarded or ignored because it was written over 200 years ago?

If you do, I respectfully disagree. I have learned that some principles are not limited by time, circumstances, situations, or persons. The human nature has not change since Adam.

I would say, despite imperfections of the writers, the US Constitution is a document that still should be adhered to.

Roland Dodds said...

It is not time that makes something irrelevant, and I definitely think the Constitution is still vital and important in our day and age. But the Constitution was built with the concept of amendment in mind, and for good reason: the Founders had no idea what the future would be and how the nation would have to adapt.

What I am opposed to is this blind faith in any document or individual. I will support the Constitution as long as it is philosophically and morally relevant, but never because it simply exists.

I.M. SMALL said...


We´ve made a bridge between us now
Which is what you´d call love,
Though at the start, no I-and-thou
Relationship to prove.

No special "soul-mate" spark there was
To kindle, like a movie,
Just two amenable, and thus
It led to something groovy.

Our daily life is marred by this:
The knowledge that, despite
The sky-blue perfect day, there is
Far off a greater fight.

Criminals send our toops abroad
"In our name" making war,
While climate change is called a fraud--
This world is such a bore.