Friday, September 28, 2007

They Wonder Why They Don't Get More of the Black Vote...

Perhaps this might have something to do with it?

Are you telling me that Tancredo had enough sense to show up, but none of the frontrunners did? Are you kidding me?


q.j. said...


I am not surprised that the 4 Republican front runners did not show up. Their platform is to far right and would not have been attractive to the majority of African Americans and they know this.

IMO, most African Americans are Centrists or Moderates and tend to vote mostly Democrat because the Democrats have a bigger Centrist following.

However, there are some moderate or centrist viewpoints that doesn't resonate well with the majority of African Americans. Such as homosexuality, same sex marriage, and a quasi-amnesty for illegal immigration.

Rafique Tucker said...


The fact is, none of the views of the candidates who actually showed up will get much support from black voters (certainly not mine), but at least they showed up. You've got to be able to persuade people, and often that means appearing before those with whom you might disagree. Until that happens, the GOP will never get the black vote.