Thursday, September 13, 2007

A Quick Question

Why are we expected to take hooligans like Code Pink seriously? Explain to me how this foolishness passes for worthwhile war criticism:

Outside of causing a ruckus, acting a fool, and trying to silence (and slander) Petraeus, as well as other voices that support the surge, I'm at a loss as to what these women hope to accomplish.


i am said...

you stand with israel!!!
fuck you and israel

Rafique Tucker said...

You'll forgive me if I don't dignify that with a response.

Q.J. said...


Interruptive protest doesn't do much for any cause. How does juvenile antics appeal to the intellect of free thinking people? Like them I am against US military intervention in Iraq and Afghanistan. However, unlike them, I choose to object with dialogue, discussion, and debate. Protest against the war, at this time, does not contribute any solution of ending the conflicts in Afghanistan or Iraq.

Rafique Tucker said...

Indeed. I support the war, but I'd like to think that I can have sober discussions with those like yourself, who choose reasoned discourse over hysterics.

q.j. said...


I respect your position in supporting the war. I support the fight against terrorism, but, I am against the military intervention in Afghanistan and Iraq.

IMO, the war in Afghanistan and Iraq can not be won for the following 4 reasons.

1. Most Muslims across the Muslim world do not support Al Qaeda, but they do support Sunni Iraqi insurgency, Taliban, or Muslim terrorism against non-Muslim occupiers.

2. The borders of both nations are so open and porous that it is impossible to stop infiltration of insurgents, finances, and logistics that sustain terror and fighting.

3. The Muslim culture has no history or tradition in liberal democracy that it is highly unlikely that a democratic state will ever exist in a Muslim majority country. Nation building is a fools errand,

4. Finally, Americans do not have the patience to continue the wars.

The only positive that I have seen so far is the quasi democratic set up in Iraq Kurdistan. They are having success, but, I am weary of their support of terrorism in Turkey and Iran.

rachel said...

if more anti-war people were like qj, maybe some changes would have occured to his/her liking