Friday, July 06, 2007

I Don't How Else To Say This

I'm planning on blogging more extensively on the issue after getting a better handle on things, but as I see things now, this is bad. I know it may place me in unexpected company to say this, but the situation in Colombia is bad. I hope I'm reading this wrong, but if things are as they seem, then Congress has a lot to answer for.

HT:Instapundit (Yes, that Instapundit. Some people seem to have a great deal of antipathy against the good professor, but the fact that we don't agree on everything hardly disqualifies him from polite society, and certainly ought to exempt him from such low-class namecalling.)

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Rachel said...

According to Columbia's own president, the US wants Columbia to be a puppet.

what surprises me is that it's the Dems that are promoting this, not the Reps or W.