Wednesday, June 27, 2007

Young Liberal Hawks Unite!!

Yes, this makes a lot of sense to me, and quite frankly (with a few qualifications), I like it a lot.

Kee p in mind, that I'm not suggesting that we should be somehow uncritical of the justifications of war, or fail to criticize war policy when appropriate, or even that this study is at all ironclad. Nor am I suggesting that the current tough times in Iraq are not a reality (I still cling to hope, however). I just think that younger, more liberal people tend to be more cautiously idealistic about the prospects of defending freedom abroad. Remember that a lot of the opposition to this war came (and still comes) from old-school conservatives.


Rachel said...

she sounded too dramatic for me. just because a war goes badly does not mean it was not right. i'll admit i'm not in the military, but if we are not willing to fight for what's right we run the risk of being run over.
if iraq was a mistake, let's fix it and learn. but there is something disturbing about how we seem to give up once things get rough. I think people are using iraq as a way to sound knowledgeable and dramatic and do not realize they are inadvertantly encouraging the enemy. and I don't say this just for americans but for the millions of iraqis. seems no one thinks about them

DaveG said...

I'm simply aghast at the short attention span, the lack of critical thought, and the credulous belief in everything the media pushes through the air waves demonstrated by quite a large number of our populace.

I also believe that some of our more recent generations don't understand the sacrifices that have been, and continue to be, made on their behalf. That is what causes me the most fear for the health of our nation.