Tuesday, May 08, 2007

This Does Give One Pause

You know, I don't exactly buy into the "left-wing cabal versus America" meme that the righty partisans advance, at least not in the way they do. Don't get me wrong, the far-left is in full assault mode, and indeed has far too much influence in the Democratic Party, and the country. The catalog of attacks on Joe Lieberman and others who would dare to support him are proof of this. This notwithstanding, I do think George Soros' influence is somewhat overstated in the grand scheme, and he serves as a convenient boogeyman for the right. That being said, as it pertains to the effect of his propaganda machinery and influence on the Party, this poll really does concern me.

Let me be clear that is pure insanity to suggerst that Bush knew about the attacks in advance, and allowed them to happen, or any other politician for that matter. There is no evidence to support such poisonous absurdity. Such baseless conspiracy theories have far too much credence in our discourse on 9/11, and while it's easy to dismiss this as more O'Reilly-fueled hysteria, again, this numbers give me pause. Whatever one thinks of the poll, this is a substantial number.

This does sort of reflect somewhat the divisions within the Democratic Party. While the majority doesn't hold this view, you've got a third of Dems who are totally sold out to far-Left insanity, and this group has too much influence as it is. It's hurting the Party, and more importantly, the country.


qj said...

Hysteria, is a attention grabber. In my experiences, I have discoverd that most people become more responsive to outrageous rhetoric. Sadly, many people in advanced societies use the majority of their leisure time to pursue entertainment and recreation activities, instead of developing their intellect.

Mind you, there is nothing wrong with having fun and games. However, I believe it should done so with balance. It wouldn't hurt if 1/3 or 1/4 of free time be dedicated to learning. Seeking out truth, in my opinion, is as equally important as being entertained or playing games.

Fortunately, there is a sizeable informed, reasonable, and rational segment in society that challenge the lunatic rhetoric that radical elements rant. This is the radicals enigma. Hopefully, my free thinking colleagues will continue to rise to the occassion and patiently dismiss the hysteria as it is, nonsense.

oldliberalfemale said...

Don't label all those who disagree with the Bush Administration conspiracy theory as lunatic. Check http://www.patriotsquestion911.com/

I don't think Max Cleland, Wesley Clark, Bob Graham, Mark Dayton, Paul Craig Roberts and Daniel Elsberg are lunatic. Over 130 Professors question the official conspiracy theory. This list includes many senior military, intelligence, and law enforcement officials who question 911.

qj said...


Name a successful conspiracy?

Conspiracy plots are hard to execute. A conspirator or conspirators would have to be a renown genius or geniuses.

The Bush administration certainly have misinformed, mishandled, and reacted wrongly after 9/11. But, to suggest that he was the mastermind behind the suicide attacks on 9/11 is a very much of a stretch.

Now, if Max Cleland, Wesley Clark, Bob Graham, Mark Dayton, Paul Craig Roberts, Daniel Elsberg, and 130 or so academics questioned the misguided response, I would agree. However, to give credence to Bush setting 9/11 in motion himself is laughable.

In my opinion, the Bush administration used the aftermath of 9/11 as an opportunity to advance their own personal agenda with trumped up evidence and charges.

Rafique Tucker said...

Did Max Cleland, Wesley Clark, and Bob Graham actually suggest that Bush knew about the attacks in advance, and allowed them to happen? I highly doubt that. Incompetence is one thing, but this is something different entirely, if 9/11 conspiracies are involved.