Tuesday, May 15, 2007

Ridiculous Declaration of the Day, 5/15

Joe Biden could very well be elected President.



PatHMV said...

Tendencies toward plagiarism aside, he'd be better than most of the Democratic candidates. I often disagree with him, and he's a bit too goofy to have a chance at being elected, but he's not utterly insane, so I wouldn't mind having him as the Democratic candidate.

Rafique Tucker said...

Me either. In fact, I'd vote for him proudly, if he had a shot at the nomination.

plez... said...

it's ironic that the whitest guy in the contest would be considered a "dark horse"! *smile* i'd vote for him, but he's not in my top 5 choices for Democratic candidates.

DaveG said...

I like Barack in 8 more years. Biden might get me to cross the fence in '08, but I just can't see primary voters going for him. Hillary and Edwards don't even blip my radar. I can't stand either of them - too phony by half.

On my traditional side, none of the GOP guys really interest me very much, and if you exclude McCain, I don't (yet) have a visceral hatred of any of them. That's an improvment over recent history, and it's kind of refreshing! If McCain gets the nod, I think I'm just going to sith this one out as I find him to be indistinguishable from Hillary or Edwards.