Wednesday, April 18, 2007

Further Reflections

Continuing to reflect on the wholesale tragedy of the massacre at Virginia Tech, in case you didn't know, the sooter has been identified as 23-year old South Korean Cho Seung-Hui, a senior and an English major, whose writings reveal a man thoroughly disturbed. He was a loner, and kept to himself. He had submitted screnplays so disturbing that his professors referred him for counseling. He apparently felt isolated, and decided to resolve his issues with mass murder. God help us.

The convocation and candlelight vigil were yesterday.

Predictably, there have been knee-jerk reactions, with many blaming the guns, and violent video games. As far as the supposedly culpability of the gun culture is concerned, I think MIke Silverman covers it well:

To summarize, although people on both sides of the gun issue will certainly try to make hay out of this event, the fact is that both sides really have nothing useful to add. The shooting today was an outlier, and a tragedy, and you don't make public policy choices based on outliers.

As far as blaming video games, that train seems to never want to derail, as self-important "crusader" Jack Thompson couldn't even wait for the victims to be ID'd before he piled on.

God help us, and go Hokies.

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plez... said...

i'll be honest, the shooting on Monday solidified my support for the repeal of the Second Amendment! to my way of thinking, the Bill of Rights would've been fine with just 9 amendments.

the proliferation of guns and the ease by which any unstable and deranged person can acquire them, makes this one "right" that i'd gladly surrender.

i don't own one... and can't think of a sound reason why i would buy one.