Friday, March 16, 2007

Speaking of Evil Books...

In this TNR piece, Andrew Sullivan thoroughly reviews Dinesh D'Souza's latest book, which argues that the cultural Left caused 9/11, and that the only hope for America is to take up common cause with the theocratic order of radical Islamism. Sullivan basically argues that this is the logical end route of conservatism's current course, only with the veil torn down:

It is crucial to remember that, for all the conservative criticism of The Enemy at Home, this argument is just as central to the base of the current Republican Party as it is to this book. In this respect, The Enemy at Home is an utterly unremarkable exploration of what theoconservatism really requires. It demands that individual autonomy be sacrificed for obedience to the external moral order. Theoconservatism refuses to accept the notion that government can ever aspire to be neutral with respect to competing visions of morality

You really do need to read the whole thing. D'Souza's thesis almost reads like a cartoonish parody of the far-right, but his argument is hardly unserious, profoundly dangerous, and poses a fundamental threat to the fabric of Western thought.

Not to mention it's just out and out crazy.

Hat tip: Red Letter Day


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hydralisk said...

There must be something about intellectuals that makes them more prone to succumbing to common sense deficiency syndrome. I don't think even Hitchens is immune to it.