Thursday, March 01, 2007

I'll Take My Money Elsewhere, Thank You

Says one now ex-donor to the College of William and Mary, after their foolish decision to remove the historic cross from the Wren Chapel:

Advocates of keeping the cross in Wren Chapel pointed to the school's founding 300 years ago as an institution of the Anglican Church. The cross, they argued, should be displayed not only as a symbol of faith but as an acknowledgment of history and tradition.

Agreed. This has nothing to do with church-state separation. This is about the traditions of the school. I'm perfectly fine with allowing other faiths to worship there, as this is proper and just. Why can't they just put up their symbols alongside the cross? Why must they take the cross down to accomodate other faiths? The traditions of the school shouldn't be undermined in an attempt to appease the overly-PC.

Hat tip: Centerfield

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