Tuesday, December 05, 2006

No Laughing Matter?

You know, a lot of us laugh at Scientology. We think of it as a cultish phony religion created by a hack 60's sci-fi writer. We laugh. The thing is, if this is all true, then we've no business laughing. Apparently, Scientology may be more dangerous than we thought.

Get out while you still can, Katie! While you still can!!

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Anonymous said...

I worked for the California Dept of Mental Health from 1987 until 2003.

During much of that time the Church of Scientology has been systematically trying to dismantle what was once, if not "model", at least better a better system than exists in most of the country.

This even included the "Church" encouraging members to seek employment within the system in order to report back and/or sabotage the mental health system itself and/or individual care providers. They have also been able to obtain access to both voluntarily and involuntarily committed (ie: the "criminally insane") patients under "freedom of religion" laws, this has been a tremendous boon to their recruitment numbers.

Of course I do not discount the help they they receive in this matter from the Republican party but still....

Given their way there would be NO treatment for the mentally ill, NO medications, NO therapists other than Scientologists. Picture living in THAT world.

I've never considered them a "laughing matter", if for no other reason than the credibility they are awarded by some segments of our elected government.