Thursday, June 15, 2006

The Great Debate, Or A Partisan Ploy?

The House is debating the Iraq War as I write this, particularly a House resolution that essentially rejects a premature withdrawal from Iraq. As a supporter of the war (and therefore an opponent of premature withdrawal), the language of the resolution doesn't really bother me, but the underlying intent is manifestly partisan. This isn't as bad as when the Murtha resolution was "debated," but this whole thing, with such partisan photo-opping, is just unseemly. Let me say again that I firmly oppose a pullout, but I recognize that many people sincerely believe in that position, although they are flat out wrong on the issue. The fact that so many support a premature pullout is regrettable, but this just smells like a stunt.

Democracy Arsenal has a good piece on the politics of this thing, as well as the text of the Resolution.


Eugene Weixel said...

What would a mature pullout look like?

Rafique Tucker said...

Ummm, when the mission's done, I guess. Forgive me if I killed the punchline of that joke.

Anonymous said...

I read the article on Democracy Arsenal. I didn't get it. Were they condemning the Reps for cutting and running, or condemning Dems?