Sunday, June 04, 2006

Christopher Hitchens on Galloway

Christopher Hitchens writes in his latest Slate piece on George Galloway's justification of Tony Blair's murder. He rightly eviscerates him, as he's done in the past. You must read the whole thing, but this is worth noting:

So, here is what it comes down to. George Galloway says that the murder of an elected prime minister would be "morally justifiable." He is not brave enough to call for it, but he does preapprove it. He finds room for criticism of the murder only because it might occasion a backlash. And he then tries to hide behind the skirts of a woman who he has just told us ought in all justice to be a widow! That he does this by deliberately misquoting her is a mere coda to an almost incredible catalog of indecency.

Galloway is a coward, an apologist for nihilistic murder, a liar, and a unprincipled scumbag. Much like Hitchens, I stand amazed at the fact that the so-called "anti-war" crowd continues to embrace a man whose deeds run counter to everything they supposedly stand for. This point has been mentioned before, but it bears repeating: It is esentially important that the Left (pro-war, anti-war or otherwise) stands up and rebukes this madman, and those like him. Many of us already have, but this must increase.

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