Monday, May 01, 2006

Immigration Overreach?

Just as they said they would, millions of immigrants, illegal and legal, took to the streets, and implemented nationwide boycotts. They're calling it "A Day Without Immigrants." They're walking off their jobs, walking out of school, and refusing to buy American goods. Their intent was to show the economic impact that illegals and undocumented workers have on our economy. The marches are filled with a lot of American flags ( a lot more U.S. flags, and a lot less Mexican flags are being flown). They're trying to show their support for American ideals, and as far as thry're concerned, their desire to be a part of America.

The economic impact has been clear. The thing is, will this backfire? Was this an overreach? It's one thing to remind people how much economic influence illegals have. It's another thing to actually show them. The fact is, people are taking a hit, and it may cause a backlash. This may have been the thing the hardline opponents of illegal immigration were waiting for. Could this have played into their hands?

One has to wonder if these protests, despite the creeping radicalism (many protesters are calling for amnesty, and some evidence of real live anti-Americanism), haven't forced people to come to terms with their argument. How can you one hand begrudge them for walking off their jobs, while decrying them for even being here on the other? While I think this approach runs the risk of alienating the people who'd be otherwise supportive, many legal immigrants are a part of these rallies, and you have to admit-they've gotten our attention.

I must say though, while every movement has its extremists, it's extremely important that the radicals don't become too involved in this. The last thing you want to do is to go too far, and empower the critics.

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